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If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: +(962) 6 4638733

Yes, customers can pay by cash. Cash and Card Payment options are available. You can choose to activate whichever one you prefer, or you can choose to activate them both. You can integrate the payment gateway you are currently using to take card payments.

No, we don’t. However, for clients in certain countries, we have integrated Tatbeeqi with several delivery partners so that you don’t have to worry about contacting them yourself. If you don’t already have a delivery service that you work with, we will happily assist you in choosing the right service for you.

No, there is no set up fee for any of our packages.

Yes, if you decide to go with our Premium or Comprehensive packages you will get both.

We have a team of designers that will design your app for you based on your brand guidelines, logo and photography. They will follow through with any specific requests you may have.

No. Guests don’t need to download an app, they can order immediately via the Smart-Scan Ordering Solution web app. Simply scan the QR code and you’ll be automatically directed to a web page where you can order.

No. We set you up with a training course on how to use our backend and you’ll be able to change menu items, hours of menu availability, variants, fees, and much more yourself. You are in complete control of your venue profile and menu!

No. QR Dine-In Smart Scan can be deployed for any kind of venue, be it room service in a hotel, restaurants, poolsides, beachsides, rooftop bars, cafes, shops, sporting venues, theaters, etc. There is virtually no limitation to where you can introduce our web-based platform. Better yet, you can interconnect as many venues as you wish while managing them from only one user interface!

Nothing can replace warm, human interaction. QR Dine-In Smart Scan gives your team more time to focus on meaningful interaction with your customers.

Yes. QR Dine-In Smart Scan can do both but certain development & licensing may apply. Please contact us for more details.

No problem at all. QR Dine-In Smart Scan does not require a POS system to function at your establishment. Smart Scan can be implemented within a matter of days without disrupting your
current processes.

Yes. QR Dine-In Smart Scan ordering accommodates all your payment requirements, including payment in different currencies, charging different tax rates for menu items, and adding various service and delivery charges. Guests can choose from any preferred method of payment that you would like to offer (Charge to Room, Cash or Credit Card).

Yes. QR Dine-In Smart Scan provides you with complete access to your guests’ data. QR Dine-In Smart Scan does not keep nor does it sell the data to third parties.

No. QR Dine-In Smart Scan does not require any kind of capital investment and pricing plans are available. To inquire about your exact pricing, please get in touch with us. There are no hidden costs nor do we charge setup fees. Our flexible contracts allow you to discontinue our partnership without the usual hassle.