12 Massive Benefits of a QR Code Ordering System

A QR Code Ordering System enables guests to place contactless orders direct to their location wherever a QR code is available – be that their room, the pool, or any other outlet within your establishment. With more and more guests accustomed to ordering via their mobile devices, ordering via QR is delivering exceptional results.


Percentage of Hotel Guests online within 7 minutes of check-in.


Increase in room service orders when adopting a QR code ordering system.


Increase in spending when ordering via mobile than with wait staff

QR Ordering Payments

Security is always a priority when it comes to paying online. That’s why Tatbeeqi’s QR Code Ordering System relies on the highest level of securitization infrastructure and does not store any user data in any transaction. Every order is tied to the unique QR Code at the unique location the order is placed in.


Higher Revenue per Average Guest (RevPAG)


Lower Operational Costs


Improvement in Guest Satisfaction

POS Integrations

Tatbeeqi’s QR Ordering System is fully integrated with the over 122 of the world’s leading POS Systems so that your transition into the future is seamless and hassle-free.


POS Systems Integrated with Our Solution


Percentage of Contactless Geo-Tracked Orders


Reduced Need for Wait Staff

The Interface

With a state of the art dashboard that enables you to view in-depth ordering analytics – you’re always in touch with the needs of your guests. Need to add a promo code? Promote a new item with a visual banner? Our control panel allows you to customize the design of your interface to your heart’s desire.


Customizable Design Elements


Apps for Your Guests to Download


Access Your Data At Any Time, From Any Device.
QR Code Ordering System