So you’ve just taken your business online, independent of an online delivery aggregator. Although life is sweet here, where you have control over your clients, prices, and products, it’s now up to you to keep your online customer base happy and coming back for more. 

Happy Wife Happy Life 
You need to start thinking of your customers as your spouse– because if they’re not happy, your business will go nowhere fast. That’s obviously not the trajectory you want for your online business. 
As with any marriage, your relationship with your customers must start with open communication. You really need to know your customer base in order to make them happy. This might be difficult when third party delivery services come between you and your customer analytics.  Now, with Tatbeeqi, you obviously have access to this information which is rightfully yours. 

So you meet them, you woo them with your products, but how do you keep them coming back to your online store?

With your six-pack, of course. Or well, with this six-item-long-list of Tatbeeqi benefits:

Always Keep An Open Line of Communication (Order Tracking)
Once your customers make an order, they’ll start counting the minutes until it arrives. Shouting a simple “Honey, I’m home!” through the door won’t cut it. They’ll want to track your every move, and know you’re at the doorstep before you put your foot on the mat. 
In other words: Turn Order Tracking on. 
Tatbeeqi’s Order Tracking feature will keep your beloved customers up to date as your order is confirmed, prepared, and throughout the whole process of it being delivered. 

Give Them Options (Payments)
Just like no one appreciates it when you order for them on a date, your customers won’t appreciate you if you don’t give them options. Who cares if you prefer credit card payments over cash payments? It's the customer who matters. And if they want it, then they’ve got it! 
Obliterate hurdles that might stand between you, the next sale, and possibly the customer of a lifetime. Turn on both Credit Card and Cash Payments on your app and website. 

Always Show Them Their On Your Mind (Push Notifications)
How is your spouse supposed to be happy with you when you never show your face? You have to constantly be around. You can’t expect for them to always be the one crawling back to you. 
Send your beloved customers a sweet word, a simple hello, or a message to inform them of a new item that just dropped! Just show up! 
It’s as simple as sending off a Push Notification! 

Shower Them With Gifts (Promo Codes)
No one on this earth (though we can’t speak for psychopaths) wouldn’t appreciate a little gift every once in a while. Through your Tatbeeqi website and app, you’ll have a wealth of gifts that no one would want to return or exchange: Promo Codes! 
It might cost you a penny, but what’s a penny in comparison to: 
1. All the sales that it will generate 
2. The smile on your beloved’s face when they see it?